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Rosemount™ Flame and Gas Detection Solutions: High Quality Standards


At Emerson, quality is far more than a marketing claim and it has to be when the products being made protect life, property, and productivity. Our flame and gas detection products all manufactured at Emerson’s Rosemount facilities are built to the same gold standard quality processes and assurances our customers have come to expect. To ensure top-of-the-line performance and reliability no matter how harsh the operating conditions. Year-over-year improvement drives everything we do and all flame and gas products are designed, engineered, and built following our total quality management system which is ISO 9001 Certified to ensure the highest quality top-of-the-line performance and reliability. The new flame and gas line leverages the best total quality experiences, practices like our systematic manufacturing approach, the backbone of our assembly process. Fully automated for accuracy and product traceability. A single design authority that evaluates changes to all instrumentation and their impact on quality and performance. Any changes to a product must be approved by the design authority and are immediately changed in our manufacturing line. And a final quality evaluation system that ensures every product has the identical level of quality and conformance before it leaves our facility. A complete single source line of flame and gas detectors from a trusted supplier.

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