Emerson’s Collaboration Center in DTV, Saudi Arabia


Emerson’s Collaboration Center offers a space for Saudi students, researchers, and industry stakeholders where they can collaborate with Emerson experts in the development of automation technology. Emerson’s Collaboration Center, a 600-square-meter facility in Emerson Saudi Arabia’s headquarters, is a space where Saudi students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry stakeholders have the chance to collaborate with Emerson technology experts in the development and designing of process automation technologies. This also includes working on innovative products and solutions, while providing global access to Emerson’s expertise in research and development. Ergonomically designed to inspire individuals to share ideas and knowledge, the Collaboration Center encourages the development of innovation and creativity throughout the workspace. The center provides five Research Pods, a Collaboration Room, a Teleconference Room, and a Solutions Theatre. Emerson’s latest Distributed Control System technology allows the center to function as a platform for research, testing, and skills development by Emerson and their local partners.

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