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Emerson's Fire & Gas Detection System Monitors Plant's Safety Status


Hi, I’m Edward Naranjo with Emerson™. Many customers we talk to express concerns about protecting their plant and personnel from hazardous conditions and providing a rapid and coordinating operational responses to incidences. However, traditional safety systems still deliver comprehensive diagnostics and control programs to ensure reliability and availability. Emerson’s fire and gas systems detection systems monitor your plant’s safety status and provide diagnostics to assess and help of the entire safety group. The keys to a successful system includes system diagnostics, early detection of unwanted events, and mitigating the consequences of those events should they occur. DeltaV™ SIS detection systems is taking into account the entire safety loop, evaluating system performance, and extending diagnostics beyond the device to provide process diagnostics. The DeltaV™ SIS takes into account the device’s predictive lifespan and preempt end of life situations with maintenance notifications and device alerts so your SIS integrity stays stable longer. The major focus of a fire and gas detection system is to mitigate the consequences of an incident. By monitoring process areas where a fire and potential flammable or toxic gas build up may occur, safety systems like DeltaV™ SIS offer the option of tight integration between the fire and gas detection system and emergency shutdown systems. In summary, you can see how Emerson takes a modern approach to increase safety integrity planning, improving processing availability with fire and gas detection systems that help protect your plant and personnel from hazardous conditions and provide a rapid and coordinated response. For more information, please visit our website at

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