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Oil & Gas Valve Piloting and Monitoring Solutions


In today’s upstream oil & gas operation, equipment safety and reliability are more important than ever to maximize process uptime, minimize cost of extraction, and ensure worker safety. That means reducing potential sources of safety and downtime incidents as much as possible. Most oil and gas production units incorporate process valves as key components of the emergency shutdown system. If one of these valves fails to actuate, it can cause extensive damage to plant assets, cost millions of dollars in downtime, and potentially injure workers. At Emerson, we understand the importance of ensuring that these systems: respond quickly and reliably when needed; operate in the most challenging conditions; and provide diagnostics and early warnings of potential problems. Emerson’s comprehensive set of valve piloting and monitoring solutions are designed to address these challenges and ensure reliable actuation of the valve. ASCO Solenoid Valves offer high efficiency, low power usage, broad operating temperatures and rugged construction for harsh environments, with IEC61508, SIL 3-capability to ensure fast valve response anywhere in the operation. ASCO Redundant Control Systems are the only pilot valve solutions with no single point of failure, eliminating the potential for unwanted process valve closure. ASCO 342 Series Filter Regulators deliver high flow and better control of process air, even in corrosive and ATEX environments. TopWorx D-ESD series discrete valve controllers provide complete partial stroke testing, onboard diagnostics, and early-warning alerts to ensure the valve reliably performs its safety function. What does this mean for you? It means you can have certainty that the valves in your safety systems will perform when they’re needed most - helping you meet your safety, performance, and reliability objectives. That’s the peace of mind Emerson provides. Contact a product specialist or visit our website today to learn more about Emerson’s valve piloting and monitoring solutions.

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