How to Use the Integrated Webserver of the 5700 Ethernet Transmitter


This video will walk you through the 5700 Ethernet Transmitter Integrated Webserver software. Some video highlights include the operations tab where you can view totalizers, inventories, access proving information, and monitor two-phase flow detection. Next, dive into the configuration tab, where you can see flow variables such as mass flow and volume flow. You’ll then see how the Ethernet settings allow you to configure the ethernet protocol, which can be changed from Ethernet IP to Modbus TCP or Profinet. Lastly, you’ll get a preview of the software’s unique tools, including Smart Meter Verification. This meter verification technology provides improved diagnostics that can detect meter damage (erosion, corrosion freezing, over-pressurization) plus the ability to detect coating (and thus verify density / concentration measurement and volumetric flow).

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