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Denka Chemicals Continues Digital Transformation for Operational Excellence


Denka Chemicals is an early adopter of IIoT for steam trap monitoring since a few years. Now, in a 2nd phase of digitalization, Denka had to transform reliability, maintenance, and safety as well. Denka now wanted to predict failure in cooling tower gearboxes and extruder gearboxes. Also, make sure a man-down situation does not go unnoticed. To solve this problem Denka use sensors and predictive analytics on cooling tower gearboxes, as well extruder gearboxes too. Steam trap monitoring was expanded. Lastly a real-time locating system (RTLS) system and analytics is deployed in the warehouse as a POC. As a result, Denka has reduced energy cost and maintenance cost, and also reduced downtime. Most importantly, rescue locating time will be a lot faster in case of man-down

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