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Life Science Flow and Control Solutions


In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, there are many challenges involved in getting a product from the drug discovery phase to full production - like improving the scalability and repeatability of production processes; standardizing and streamlining supplier networks; improving production cost and time to market; and staying compliant with ever-changing and stringent regulations. At Emerson, we have the expertise and technology to solve your greatest manufacturing challenges - from upstream fermentation, purification, and harvest processes, to API chemical synthesis, to downstream form fill finish and end of line packaging. Our goal is to create effective solutions for improving your product quality, reliability, and operating costs. Our product selection enables us to provide complete turnkey solutions that meet life science production needs - whether it’s single use, conventional stainless-steel batch, or continuous manufacturing. With years of experience in process automation, Emerson provides solutions to both the process and utilities applications. An extensive distribution channel network helps manufacturers achieve better vendor management We provide dedicated teams to engage in our customers’ projects at early stages and work at a Contract Research Organization or Contract Manufacturing Organization level to help meet product performance and market requirements. From drug discovery to process development to manufacturing implementation, you can rely on Emerson to help optimize your automation solution and stay competitive in a Life Sciences sector that continues to grow and evolve. [Text on screen: Contact Us Today To Find Out More]

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