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Yarway 5600 Welbond Steam Globe Valve - Reconditioning Procedure


This video demonstrates the procedure to recondition the Yarway Welbond steam globe valve. There's no pipe preparation, insulation removal, lapping, specialized welding, or radiography involved. You can do it in an hour or less with just one person. LEARN MORE Yarway Welbond ► Yarway ► STAY CONNECTED YouTube ► LinkedIn ► Emerson 365 Blog ► Facebook ► Twitter ► QUICK RENEWABILITY IN-LINE Without cutting the valve body out of the line, the stem/disc/packing assembly can be jacked out in minutes for inspection or replacement of the packing rings. With body still in place, the Welbond reseating tool can be mounted through the yoke, for the establishment of wholly new seating surfaces. Normally, the reconditioned and reassembled valve can be back in service in less than an hour without cleaning, welding, radiography, and other operations associated with the maintenance of conventional valves. The reseating tool comprises a shaft with a removable tungsten carbide cutting head on one end and a handwheel on the other end. These components plus a key for removing the head are supplied as a kit. Complete lists of tools for all valves can be found on these pages. After removing the weld that secures the yoke bushing, the bushing is unscrewed and the stem is backed out. Then the tool is inserted into the valve body and slowly fed into contact with the seat by means of a threaded-feed screw that engages the yoke threads. With the cutting head against the valve seat, a locknut is tightened to prevent too deep a bite into the Stellite seat material. When the wheel turns freely, the locknut is readjusted to permit a new cut. After five or six turns, an entirely new seat has been machined. The tool cuts both inclined portion and throat of seat to give a completely new line-contact seal. The Yarway Welbond® valve has become an established stop valve for general line service in modern high pressure power plants. The latest design of the valve combines the proven features of its predecessor with advantages made possible by advancements in metallurgy and fluid flow research. No other valve on the market offers this outstanding combination of features. It offers industry a value-engineered product with minimum maintenance and maximum service life resulting from its in-line repairability feature. The one-piece body eliminates all pressure welds, threads, and their related problems. The extra thickness of the Stellite seat ring eliminates seat cracking and provides for repeated renewal of the seating surface with Yarway’s reseating tool. The disc is a Stellite investment casting. The design provides a secondary orifice during opening and closing so that erosive forces are dissipated through the disc-body orifice rather than the disc-seat orifice, which must be protected for drop-tight sealing. The body design allows the disc-stem assembly to retract completely into the body, thus assuring smooth flow and a high Cv characteristic. The design of the disc reduces sealing torque for easy operation, both manually and with a powered actuator.

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