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Fisher 627BM High-Capacity Direct-Operated Pressure Regulator


The Fisher 627BM is the newest product extension to the 627-product family. The balanced trim design enables this pressure regulator to achieve a 1,500psig inlet pressure rating while using a large 9/16” orifice. With the flow rate capability that is five times the traditional 627, the 627BM can displace oversized pilot-operated regulators and parallel runs of direct-operated regulators. Thus, this balancing feature saves the customer on startup cost and reduces application complexity. Learn more about how the 627BM fits into your application. Learn More: Fisher 627BM Maintenance Video: Fisher 627BM Webpage & Instruction Manual: Fisher 627BM Product Flier: Pressure Reducing Regulator Education: Emerson Pressure Regulator Webpage: STAY CONNECTED YouTube ► LinkedIn ► Emerson 365 Blog► Facebook ► Twitter ►

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